06-Jun-2010Well I finally got to taste the Proud Papa Pilsner I brewed back in early April 2010 today and it was really delicious. The combination of the Cascade Pellet Hops and honey combined nicely with the extra cup of Booster™ to produce a rich, rewarding beer that's loaded with taste. This light colored golden ale was ready to drink just  60 days after first pitching the yeast.

The beer had a very light and pleasantly flavored floral taste with just the slightest hint of honey that gave the beer a really smooth finish. The big surprise was how much better tasting this beer was after 60 days than the Fast Break Bock that I brewed on the same day.

05-Jun-2010I tasted the Fast Break Bock I brewed back in early April 2010 today and it was not quite yet ready for prime time.The beer tasted interesting with what I can best describe as an almost peppery spice finish. In addition the beer tasted 'cidery' and had course bubbles and was lacking any identifiable hints of honey.

I think the addition of the Saaz flavoring hops to the recipe has somehow overpowered the honey flavor with with that of spice. The beer was still 'cidery' tasting with course bubbles that lasted until the next pour even after waiting 60 days form the day I pitched the yeast.

I'm just going to let the rest of this batch lager at 60-65F for another few weeks before I try it again. Hopefully the extra time in the bottle will allow the flavors to combine and improve with age.

20-Apr-2010 - I have a few more updates today..... the Ptarmigan Ale I brewed up last month tasted just like a Sam Adams Ale.....I completely nailed the recipe on this one! The additional time I'd given it to carbonate and condition really seems to have paid off.

I sampled this brew right after it completed 3 weeks of fermentation (that's one of the best parts of bottling day!) and I really thought I had brewed a real stinker. The beer tasted really hoppy, the Amarillo hops flavor was almost too overpowering for my tastes.

It is amazing to me just how much of an influence on flavors an additional month of bottle conditioning made on this brew.

30-Mar-2010 - My trip to the 'Paradise Coast' had me drinking some pretty unusual beers including the one I'm having now. Brewed in Mississippi this nut brown ale is really distinct as it adds southern pecans to the ingredients. Imagine a dark stout similar to St.Patricks Irish Stout but with the added flavor of pecans and you'll know what I mean.

I'll rate this one with the Tomato and Jalopino pepper wine I had the other day, interesting but nothing I'd want to tolerate on a regular basis.

16-Mar-2010 - So far I've brewed and tasted 3 very different types of beer. I thought it might be worthwhile for me to jot them down here while I can still remember them

The first beer I brewed was a simple mix consisting of only 2 ingredients. But the beer it produced was golden, crisp and quite enjoyable.  

This brew introduced me to the basics of at home brewing as well as my new found hobby.

After first sampling the brew for myself, I like to share it with other beer drinkers to get their honest feedback. 'Usually the more beer they taste, the more honest the feedback!'

The second beer I brewed was made from a refill given to me as a gift for my birthday. 'Thanks Amy and Joe!'

My biggest concern now is brewing enough beer in time for the Beer Tasting Contest in July. I'm planning on having over some experienced beer drinkers to help ring in the spring.

Although by now I do have almost 10 gallons of beer underway. I plan to add another 4 types of beer to the mix in time for July 4th weekend.